Well, classes with ANY language school are not enough.
Speaking a language properly requieres you to: speak, speak and speak some more!
Don't worry, we will coach you on how to use french outside classes.
For example, we have students who have French partners. Studies have shown that partners are not, in fact, the best language parents!
One practical advice for our student's couple is: setting a routine before bed and telling each other about your day in a few French sentences! 
From day one ! As a beginner, you will know how to introduce yourself from the first class.
For higher levels, we consolidate your previous knowledge and build from there with more complex vocabulary, grammar and structures.
After your subscription, we will ask you to complete a test to determine your level - following which,  you will be integrated to the right group for you! 
All our classes are on zoom. Before each class a zoom link and information about the schedule will be sent to you.

The homework, the flashcards and the notes will be in your canvas instructure account. 
Contact us and we will find a solution!
After each class, the teacher will provide notes and materials to the students. Don't hesitate to ask him/her questions!
Every cancellation of private lessons has to be made 48h before the class. All last minute cancellations will be charged.
If you have booked the intensive morning class, the progressive evening class or any of the private class, you can get a refund in the limit of 7 days after your purchase. 
Absolutely, contact us at bonjour@fluent.academy to know more about our installment plans.